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Since its first inception, the Company has been fully committed to providing the best products and services. The Company continues to grow into a reputable property developer engaging in the business of property development, management and investment. As one of the major players in property industry, the Company consistently shows excellent performance amidst the increasingly dynamical environment.

The Company’s portfolio covers the development of mixed-use and high-rise buildings, middle to high-end residential estates, townships, industrial estate and investment properties in the Greater Jakarta area (Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang and Bekasi) as well as Surabaya and its surrounding areas. The Company has diversified its business as well by penetrating into hospitality industry through the development of hotel chain and management of golf course as well as sports facilities in several cities in Indonesia.

The Company steadfastly adheres to the four pillars of company’s management, namely organic growth, acquisition, joint ventures, and capital and investment management. This aims to maintain sound growth of the Company amidst the increasingly dynamical and competitive environment. The four pillars of growth are a combination of the Company’s vast experience in real estate development, property management and investment, relentless innovations and strategic business planning. Moreover, in line with the green movement and green building construction permeating in property sector about a decade ago, the Company always incorporates environmental aspects into all of its property projects in addition to the implementation of green building principles in the previous projects.

Analysis on income statements

*In millions of Rupiah
Income Statements Charts
Description 2017 2016 Growth Percentage
Revenues 2.202.821 2.276.460 -73.639 -3.23%
Cost of sales and direct expenses 1.247.054 1.240.056 6.998 0,56%
Gross profit 955.766 1.036.403 -80.637 -7.78%
Operational Income 344.910 404.257 -59.347 -14,68%
Profit before tax 172.673 299.286 -126.614 -42,31%
Profit for the year attributable to:
 Owners of the parent entity 297.491 298.891 -1.041 -0,47%
 Non controlling interest -25.955 -1.541 -24.413 1584.06%
Total 271.536 297.350 -25.814 -8,68%
Comprehensive income for the year attributable to:
 Owners of the parent entity 298.306 295.086 3.219 1,09%
 Non controlling interest -26.018 -2.357 -23.661 1003,74%
Total 272.288 292.729 -20.442 -6.98%
Earning per share (full amount) 29 29 0 0.00%

Revenue Breakdown

*In millions of Rupiah
Revenue Breakdown Charts
Description 2017 % to Revenue 2016 % to Revenue Growth (%)
Revenue 2.202.821 100,00% 2.276.460 100,00% -3,23%
Development Income
 Estate and Township 420.012 19,07% 733.516 32,22% -42,74%
 Mixed-use & High-rise 703.640 31,94% 1.114.059 48,94% -36,84%
 Industrial Estate 550.948 25,01% 81.300 3.57% 577,67%
Recurring Income
 Rental Space 217.511 9,87% 170.439 7,49% 27,62%
 Sportclub & Facilities 256.537 11,65% 128.619 5,65% 99,45%
 Industrial Estate 54.173 2,46% 47.897 2,10% 13,10%
Others - 0,00% 630 0,03% -100,00%

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Stock Fundamentals

*Last updated: 14 Nov 2018 16:05
    • IDX Symbol:
    • DILD
    • Currency:
    • IDR
    • Last Done:
    • 300
    • Volume:
    • 546,600
    • Change:
    • -4
    • % Change:
    • -1.320
    • Day's Range:
    • 300 - 306
    • 52 Weeks' Range:
    • 274 - 404
Earnings Per Share (IDR) a
Price-to-Earnings Ratio a
Book Value (IDR) b
Price/Book Value b
Dividend (IDR) d
Dividend Yield (%) d
Market Cap (M)
Outstanding Shares c


  1. Based on latest Full Year results announcement, adjusted for the current number of shares.
  2. Based on latest results announcement (Full Year, Half Year or Interim), adjusted for the current number of shares.
  3. Rounded to the nearest thousand.
  4. Dividend is based on latest Full Year results announcement, adjusted for current number of shares and excludes special dividend.

Dividend Track Record

Periode Deviden per Saham (IDR) Tanggal Pembayaran
Tahun Fiskal 2017 - -
Tahun Fiskal 2016 5 20 Juni 2017
Tahun Fiskal 2015 5 29 Juli 2016
Tahun Fiskal 2014 10 3 Juli 2015
Tahun Fiskal 2013 8 4 Agustus 2014
Tahun Fiskal 2012 5 22 Agustus 2013
Tahun Fiskal 2011 3 6 Agustus 2012

Komposisi Pemegang Saham per 31 Desember 2017

Klasifikasi Kepemilikan Saham
Klasifikasi Jumlah Orang Jumlah Lembar Saham (%)
Asing 174 6.226.857.153 60,07
Domestik 152 2.790.816.872 26,92
Total 9.017.674.025 86,99
Asing 45 5.186.380 0,05
Domestik 2,541 1.342.993.780 12,96
Sub Total 1.348.180.160 13,01

Informasi Pemegang Saham Utama dan Pengendali

Future Plans

Like in the previous years, in 2018 the Company plans to develop its plans and designs for the new projects.

To be able to maintain the quality of its property products and to achieve and support sustainable businesses, the Company will continue to develop its human capital through better trainings and stricter recruitment process. This is done not only to improve the quality of performance of each division, but also to ensure the Company has quality human resources ready to perform well at each project.

The commendable management of the finances is also a priority to ensure business sustainability. This is seen as a crucial element to ensure availability of funds for the development of existing and future projects. The Company will continue to exercise prudence in managing its finances and funding aligning with the needs and the prevailing policy. Specially in 2018 with the country’s busy with the political climate reaching a fever pitch, business risks the Company faces are deemed high even though the global and national economies show the signs of improving.

The Company will continue to mitigate any risks, including optimizing costs to achieve effectiveness and efficiency so that the operations can run well. Through various preparations, the Company can build strong foundation to develop businesses better in the coming years.

The Company will also implement the four pillars of business growth to improve its performance and value. One of the growth strategies put in practice is launching new big-scale projects through organic means as well as acquisition. And to strengthen the structure and revenue inflow, the Company will also raise the contribution from recurring income.

IR Contact

Nathan Tanugraha
Capital & Investment Management

PT Intiland Development Tbk
Intiland Tower, Penthouse Floor
Jl. Jendral Sudirman 32
Jakarta 10220 Indonesia
Phone : (62 21) 570 8088 / 570 1912
Email : investor@intiland.com